Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases So Far


If you have purchased a brand new [easyazon_link keywords=”Apple iPhone 7 Plus” cloak=”y” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”esyz-20″]Apple iPhone 7 Plus, [/easyazon_link] chances are that you might want to buy one of the best iPhone 7 plus the case that can do both the jobs protecting the phones and making your phone look good at the same time.
Although, one might think that it is a shame for covering their beautiful sleek phone with a cheap iPhone 7 plus case, but it is this case that stops your phone from getting scratches and prevents making your phone looking all rugged and beaten up just after two weeks of purchase. And if you are sad about the fact that you can’t show off your new phone’s slim design and aesthetics, then do not worry.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases

There are a large number of cases in the market that not only protects your phone but also enhances your phone’s beauty by being ultra slim and fitted to the phone.

If you are searching for a phone case that does both protection and makes your phone look good and eye catching, then our this shopping guide of best protector cases for iPhone 7 plus will help you to select which ones are best suited for your tastes and does a good job of protecting the phone. We’ll be adding more iPhone 7 Plus cases in the coming weeks.

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series
unicrn beetle

If you are looking for a case that not looks tough and rugged, but is also lightweight, then you might want to check out the new Unicorn Beetle series from SUPCASE. This case is a transparent phone case that also gives the much-needed bumper protection, so as to protect all your buttons and ports. The case is very stylish and looks rugged with the military design. It has a smooth finish to the back side and has rubberized side panels that make the phone grippier and makes it less prone to accidental drops or falls. The phone has a dual toned trim and is available is varying colors like black, blue, pink, green and red.

> Price: $16.99

2. Caseology [Skyfall Series]

Another transparent case that is a bang for the buck. The one thing that Caseology cases have never disappointed us with is the amount of protection their cases give to the phones with a minimalistic design. With the new Skyfall Series, they have failed to disappoint us. The case is a transparent case made of high gradient TPU and has a polycarbonate material in it. It features a true color to frame transparency that means you can still be able to show off your iPhone in all its glory.


It is slim and ergonomic which makes it comfortable to hold in the hand and fits snuggly in pockets and purses. The whole design of the phone is really slim and has a raised lip for extra protection at the lightning port. It comes in varying colors such as gold, rose gold, deep blue and black depending on your iPhone color.

> Price: $16.99

3. Apple iPhone leather case

If you want to add a premium finish to your expensive iPhone 7 plus by none other than Apple, then try the premium leather case made by Apple. Though it is a bit on the pricy side, if you want a leather case made by Apple themselves, then this is the best option. There are many other leather cases available in the market, but Apple offers an exquisite range of leather cases that not only fits the phone perfectly but also provides maximum comfort to the user since it is made well fitted with respect to the phone.



The only disadvantage is that it does not offer a complete protection at the bottom of the phone where the speakers and lighting port is present. It comes in varying colors including tan, black, gray, brown, red and two types of blue.

> Price: $49.00

4. i-Blason Transformer case

One of the newer and recently released iPhone 7 plus cases, this transformer series keeps true to its name by transforming itself as a reliable kickstand for your phone so that you can rest your brand new iPhone while watching videos or listening to music. The case itself has a futuristic look and makes you think that it came out of a sci- fi movie.


The phone provides a dual layer protection and the inside is lined with a soft inner layer protector made from shock proof material surrounded by an outer hard layer that is impact protected. The case also has a kickstand that also functions as a belt holster. So for a low price, you can have both functions at once. The sides are completely reinforced with the shock proof material and cover all buttons. The only disadvantage is that is available in a limited color range consisting or black, pink, blue and white.

> Price: $14.99

5. Doria Revel Series

X-Doria provides a wide variety of cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, and the Revel series is also a new addition to it. The Revel series comes in a variety of minimal designs that not only adds elegance but also look good on the phone. The designs come in various shapes and animal sizes such as a fox, panda, husky, lion and so on. Each animal represents a color tone for the phone case. The case is also a slim fitting case with a snap-on function, so it easy to remove and add on to the phone.


The Revel also provides protection to the phone by having reinforced bumpers and also a raised lip at the front to protect the screen against flat surfaces and thus preventing scratches and bumps. The volume rockers and the power button are also covered making them more secure and easy to use. This phone is for someone who wants to add a touch of personalization to their new iPhone. The Revel phone case is ergonomic and slips easily into pockets.

> Price: $22.99

6. Caseology [Parallax Series] cases

Seen as one of the most popular and best cases so far, Caseology has really amped up their game with their new range of cases designed for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Caseology provides ultimate protection for your phone at an affordable price. Its parallax series sports a gunmetal side and bumper to make sure that your phone is free from scratches and scruffs. The phone case also has a textured back to provide accessible grip and feels good in the hand.

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”500″ identifier=”B01KKWGNL2″ locale=”US” nf=”n” src=”” tag=”esyz-20″ width=”500″]

The cases made up of high quality and durable TPU and polycarbonate material which makes the case less susceptible to impacts and shocks. Moreover, it is one of the few cases in the market that provides a classy yet an elegant touch to the phone making it look even more premium.

> Price: $16.99

7. Ringke [Slim] Snug-Fit Slender cases

One of the cheaper options available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the Ringke Snug fit Slender case is a snap-on case that provides your phone with an ultra fit design with a fitted look. The phone case tries to enhance the natural shape of the iPhone 7 plus and it fits perfectly for someone who wants a good phone case under a tight budget. It is very durable and fits easily in pockets.


It has a good design concept which makes it comfortable to hold and it also provides a good grip to the user. The case provides complete protection to the phone on all sides and the cut outs for the phones and ports are perfect and are perfectly flush with the buttons, so ugly bumps for the case.

> Price: $8.99

8. SaharaCase Protective Kit Bundle

Providing the nest protection for both the iPhone 7and 7 Plus, SaharaCase is one of the few companies that provides an all round protection for the phones coupled with a stylish design. This phone case is fitted according to the dimensions of the phone and thus provides protection and comfort without increasing the bulk and weight of the phone.


The case sports a good camera hood that protects your camera lens from scratches and the case is lined with hard and soft durable plastic which makes it very effective against drops and slips. The case also sports a raised lip for screen protection along with perfectly fitted cut outs for the buttons and the ports. The material used to make the case is the lightweight and heavy duty in nature and since it is partially transparent, you can still flaunt your new iPhone. It available in wide range of colors and shades.

> Price: $23.99

9. Spigen [Slim Armor]

The Spigen Slim Armor case provides a dual protection the phone and it consists of dual layer protection along with an air cushion technology. This makes your phone stronger against drops and slips. The air cushion technology provides shock absorption and it is impact proof. The phone case is made up of durable TPU and a resistant polycarbonate material.


The phone I also tested against various tests and standards and also have a military grade certification for protection. It is one of the few cases that can provide heavy duty protection at an affordable price. Even though the phone case may look bulky, but in reality, it only adds an additional thickness of 0.4 cm to the existing 0.7 cm thickness of the iPhone 7 plus. This makes the phone lightweight and easy to handle.

> Price: $22.99

10. Patchworks Flex guard Case

This phone case provides extreme military grade protection for the phone, using the latest Poron XRD technology which is considered as the most advanced shock resistant material. The case is ultra thin and it is able to meet and exceed the industrial standards for drop tests. It also provides high bumper protection by incorporating metallized rubber at the side panels, with titanium oxide coating.


Even though it may look tough and stiff, the main body is made up of shockproof TPU material, which makes it soft and flexible to touch and handle. It fits easily in the hand because of the ergonomic design. The phone case also comes with a clear case option if you want to enjoy the raw beauty of the iPhone 7 plus. At such an affordable price, no wonder it is one of the most sought after phone cases in the market.

> Price: $14.95

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