KuCoin Referral Code 2022 – How to get $510 deposit bonus + 20% trading fee discount?


Looking for a Kucoin referral code? Let’s know a bit about the Kucoin exchange first and check their ongoing deposit bonus.

KuCoin is another good cryptocurrency exchange that you can consider after Binance. It’s a Singapore-based exchange that is known for its reliability, features, low-fee, and user-friendly interface. Kucoin is mostly used as KYC is not required to use the platform. So, you can trade anonymously; helps you in saving taxes 😉

KuCoin Referral Code

The Kucoin exchange was founded in the year 2017 and thanks to the first Crypto Bull run at that time, it quickly became one of the most popular crypto trading exchanges in the world. As of writing this, Kucoin is currently ranked as a top 10 crypto exchange on CoinMarketCap based on traffic, liquidity, coin pairs, and volume of its Spot and Derivatives Market. If I tell you the user stats, Kucoin has already over 8 million registered users from 200+ countries and regions.

Kucoin Exchange Features

  • A user interface that is beginner & experienced trader friendly
  • Support for credit/debit card purchases & bank transfer payments
  • Kucoin Staking allows you to earn rewards for holding coins and tokens on KuCoin.com
  • Kucoin smart trading bot.
  • Allow users from the USA and worldwide.
  • High-level privacy, asset, and operational level security system based on bank standards.
  • 24/7 customer support from many service teams with multilingual support
  • KuCoin Futures allow traders to trade contracts with up to 100x leverage
  • A huge offering of more than 400 trading pairs
  • A massive variety of over 200 global high-quality blockchain projects
  • KuCoin accepts over 45 fiat currencies from all over the world, including USD, GBP, EUR, and CNY
  • High liquidity order books with low spreads
  • Access to a mobile trading app allows users to trade from anywhere
  • A margin platform allowing traders to trade crypto with up to 10x leverage
  • Offline cold storage options in a secure wallet
  • Lending platform to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies
  • An affiliate program that rewards you for bringing more users to the platform.

Kucoin Fee

Maker 0.1%
Taker 0.1%

What is the Kucoin Referral Code or Invite Code?

The Official KuCoin Referral Code is QBSSS8EF for a 20% trading fee discount – use it during sign-up. Also, take advantage of the Kucoin deposit offer to get the sign-up bonus.

The Kucoin referral code will never expire so rest assured it will be valid for your sign up and best part is, it works worldwide. This Kucoin referral code works for all types of trades as well (Spot, Futures and Margin).

20% trading fee discount is for a lifetime on all trades and it’s attached to this referral code (QBSSS8EF) only. As you can see from the below screenshot, As an affiliate I can create a code and set the commission rate. The best you can get is 20% fee discount which is the highest discount you would find on the Internet. Many affiliates don’t split this commission with the invitees. So, even if you use their code, you get nothing.

How to check your 20% fee discount?

If you signed up using my referral code or link. You would get 20% trading fee cash-back in USDT every Wednesday, which will be issued directly to the main account.

Kucoin Referral Program

Quick Tip: Buy some KCS (native token of Kucoin exchange) and enable KCS PAY FEES to get additional 20% discount on trading fees on Kucoin. You can enable this by going to SPOT TRADING and click the box which says KCS PAY FEES at the bottom right of the page. The same can be enabled from Kucoin mobile app as well, just tap the top left user icon and then toggle ‘Pay Fees with KCS.

Kucoin Deposit Bonus

For a limited time, Kucoin is running a great deposit offer wherein you can get a $510 USDT deposit bonus if you signup for a new account. They do keep running deposit promos from time to time, click the below link to check the current offer.

KuCoin offers lots of rewards and incentives to its users such as bonuses for holding their KCS token, trading competitions and luxury car giveaways, as well as offering a 40% trading fee split bonus for new signups, benefits breakdown here.

When you sign up, simply copy and paste the code QBSSS8EF.

Kucoin Affiliate Program

Kucoin affiliate program is back! They’ve upgraded the affiliate program and I must say they’ve done a great job. Now, you can get up to 40% commission (trading fees) of your invitees. The affiliate will receive commissions on all trades completed by your referee including Spot, Futures, and Margin trading.  

You also earn an additional 5% second-level commission when your referee becomes a KuCoin affiliate.

How to join Kucoin Affiliate Program?

Step 1: Create a new Kucoin account using this link.

Step 2: Become a KuCoin Affiliate 

Fill out the form to apply for the KuCoin Affiliate Program, and their team will review your application and contact you.  

Step 3: Promote your exclusive link.

You can create and manage your exclusive invitation link on the KuCoin Affiliate page, and you can configure your personalized promotion links according to different channels. 

Kucoin Affiliate Program

So, that’s it folks for today. Kucoin Exchange today has reduced the signup bonuses and rewards as they’ve already got a great number of users. There was a time when a new exchange used to offer great bonuses for the new sign-ups. Anyway, something is better than nothing. I hope you’ve used the mentioned Kucoin referral code and grabbed your trading fee bonuses. Kindly note, these bonuses and rewards are tied up with the mentioned referral code only; you get nothing if you don’t use the referral code.

Do share your Kucoin trading experience in the comments also let me know if you’ve got any questions related to the Kucoin exchange? I would be glad to help.

New to the crypto world? Join this subreddit for exclusive crypto referral codes, crypto bonuses, airdrops, and much more.

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What is the Kucoin Referral Code?

The Kucoin referral code is “QBSSS8EF” (Without quotes).

Where’s Kucoin based out of?


How to find my Kucoin Referral Code?

Login to your Kucoin account on App or Website and click ‘Invite Friends to see your Kucoin referral code.

What is Kucoin Fee?

Maker 0.1%
Taker 0.1%

Is Kucoin Safe?

Even though many cryptocurrency exchange platforms have experienced security breaches before, KuCoin is one of the exchanges that has never been hacked.

Where is Kucoin Based?


Kucoin Vs Binance: Which is the best crypto exchange?

Overall, KuCoin is one of the lowest-fee exchanges in terms of trading fees. It is safe to say that KuCoin’s biggest competitor is Binance, as both exchanges have similar competitive strategies. They charge almost equally low fees, though KuCoin Shares (KCS) offer some additional advantages.

What is the native token of Kucoin?


Is KYC required on Kucoin?

No, it’s optional.

Do I get the bonus If I signup without a referral code?


Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2021: SurfShark, Nord, Atlas, and Pure VPN.


When you are thinking about the Black Friday, then the best VPN deals might come secondary to your head. The first things which might come to your head are the laptop deals and the discounted price on your PC, which are going to be live this Black Friday. You might have been eyeing on the cheapest phone deals, but what you don’t realize is that VPN deals are much better in scope for the appliances that you can get for yourself. So with the help of these black Friday VPN deals, you can get to secure your privacy, and it will be beneficial for your increasingly internet-based lives. If you spend all the time shopping online and using your cards through the source of online transactions, then it is perfect for you to get these cheap VPN Deals.


What is a VPN? 

VPN means Virtual Private Network, and it takes your internet connection and makes it more secured. It means that when you are surfing online, then you are subjected to a variety of preys who are always on the lookout to steal your information. With the help of these fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals, you will get the best VPN for your computer, which you can use to protect your online surfing and network connectivity. You can run a VPN on anything that you want. You can run it from your computer, your laptop, or even your smartphones if you wish. So let us look at this fantastic VPN deals this Black Friday and get the one which can be excellent for usage at the dirt-cheap price.

Best VPN deals on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Here are some of the best deals on your Black Friday VPN Services. Take a look at the following and understand which one can be better for you.

1: SurfShark Black Friday Deal 2021 – 83% OFF + Bonus

SurShark Black Friday 2021

One of the newest addition to the VPN services, SurfShark, is a good and trusted VPN that you can use for connectivity. In recent times, it has gained a lot of popularity for its immense features and advanced technical management. Plus, the price is affordable as well. It features around 1000+ servers, which are sourced to the 60+ countries. Even though it is an affordable VPN, this fantastic VPN will come off at even a lower price for your Black Friday marketing. The current deal is around $1.77 per month, which means that you will source for about 85% of savings as a whole.

If you’re confused between SurfShark VS NordVPN, do check out this comparison and see which VPN service has passed out our all tests.

2: NordVPN Black Friday Deal 2021 (72% OFF + Gifts)

Nord VPN Black Friday 2021

One of the best private virtual networks, Nord, has an excellent range of services just there for you. There are a lot of servers that can connect you with a variety of users, and there are P2P connectivity as well with the help of this VPN. You can connect it with your Android apps, macOS, Linux, or even you’re Windows if you like. If you compare to SurfShark, NordVPN is a bit costly but both offer amazing service, support and has 30-days money-back guarantee. For the VPN Black Friday sale, which is going live now, they’re offering a 2-year plan for $79. Save 72%!

Keep in mind, NordVPN usually doesn’t offer discount on their service except the Black Friday. So, do take advantage of the deal.

3: Atlas VPN Black Friday Deal 2021

Atlas VPN Black Friday 2021

Atlas VPN is yet another great VPN which initially got a huge user-base due to their FREE VPN Service which is still used by a lot of users but do you know Atlas also offers Premium Service which starts from just $1.39 per month. Atlas is know for the premium features like SafeSwap, Servers Optimized for Streaming, Unlimited Simultaneous Connections, No Logs Policy and much more.

Atlas VPN is having a jaw-dropping deal on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 3 years Atlas Premium Subscription for just $49.99 along with a 3-months FREE subscription. I think that’s a great DEAL and you shouldn’t miss this. They support unlimited devices, so it can be used by your whole family.

4: ExpressVPN Black Friday 2021

ExpressVPN Black Friday 2021

ExpressVPN is pricey compared to the other VPNs mentioned in this list. But if you can check to see then with the help of the Black Friday offer, you can snag a 15 months service right now with a price that you only have to pay out for 12 months with just about $6.67. There are around 3000+ servers present with the help of this VPN service, and it runs around in 94 countries as well. ExpressVPN is most expensive but to be honest I never tried their service. I’ve been using SurfShark and I’m pretty much satisfied with it. 

5: Pure VPN Black Friday 2021 

Pure VPN Black Friday 2021

This VPN deal really is ridiculously cheap! You can have up to 10 devices logins on one account, it offers over 6,000 servers, claims fast speeds, and has a good reputation for unlocking geo-restricted apps and streaming services. Pure VPN Black Friday price is just $1.99 per month; $47.76 for the 2-years plan means you’re getting straight 82% OFF on their VPN.

Go for it now!

Remember that these deals end by December 2nd, so go and grab them right now. All these VPNs can be used on your phone as well so that it becomes convenient surfing for you. Using this VPN on your phone, you will take an extra step towards your security with the instruction of some simple steps to make it run. All of the VPN mentioned in the list have 30-days money back guarantee, in case you’re not satisfied with their service; you can always ask for a refund.

This post is first published on The Black Friday Website.

Crypto.Com Referral Code  2022 -  How to get the maximum bonus?


Looking for a Crypto.com referral code to get a signup bonus? Well, let’s know more about crypto.com as a platform first?

Crypto.com is a leading trusted cryptocurrency exchange and payment platform. It allows you to earn, spend and trade crypto. The platform also offers Crypto Visa cards, with great reward and cashback offers.

Earlier known as Monaco, It was rebranded after paying $12 million for the crypto.com domain name itself.

Crypto.com referral code

Crypto.com is available in more than 100+ countries. They’re a trusted name in the Crypto and BlockChain communities. Their VISA metal Crypto card is one of the best cards which offers great cash-back, rewards, and also jaw-dropping offers.

For a limited time, you can earn a $25 bonus when you join this leading crypto platform using the referral code/invite code. Copy the following crypto.com referral code and follow the step-by-step guide to get a free bonus.

This referral code is valid worldwide; you can use it in the US, UK, Singapore, India, Australia, and Brazil where Crypto.com recently launched its card.

Here are the quick referral links:

Crypto.com Launched in Australia & Brazil


Update: Crypto.com has been around for a long time, but now they are finally offering their Visa debit reward card in Australia and Brazil as well.

What’s the Crypto.com Referral Code?

The Crypto.com referral code is -  dj74pm75rj

This Crypto.com referral ID is valid for all countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, India, etc. This referral code is valid for both new and existing crypto users.

How to Signup & Get the Crypto.com Bonus on App?

1️⃣ First and foremost, click the 👉 crypto.com referral link.

Crypto.com Referral bonus

2️⃣ Enter your email address and download the crypto.com Android/iOS App.📲

3️⃣ Confirm the email within 72 hrs after email submission to get the referral bonus. 📧

4️⃣ Complete the KYC Verification by submitting phone numbers and identifying documents. 📄

5️⃣ Buy & stake at least 400 USD worth CRO & reserve the metal MCO/CRO/Crypto, Visa Card. 💳

Note: You can unlock your CRO after 180 days. Simply go to the CRO wallet in your App and tap the “Unstake” button to unlock it.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ————————————

If you’ve already downloaded the Crypto.com app on your smartphone but didn’t signed up yet, you can still avail the free bonus. Simply Tap on “Invited? Add Referral Code” above the “Sign Up” button and paste the same referral code — dj74pm75rj

👉 Please, note in order to unlock the $25 bonus you’ve to buy & stake at least 400$ worth of CRO on the Crypto.com App & and reserve a metal MCO/CRO Visa card after completing the KYC.

The sign-up bonus will initially appear as ‘locked’. To unlock and claim the reward, stake the required CRO or buy the metal card directly using your debit/credit card. You can do this in the ‘card’ tab and apply for the reward visa. Once you reserve a card, $25 USD worth of CRO will be credited to your Crypto Wallet, and immediately available for use 🤑

☝️ P.S. If you didn’t enter the Refer Code on the sign-up screen, it can be added via App Settings > Referral Code, up to 5 days after confirming the email during sign-up👨‍💻

How to Signup for Crypto.com Exchange & get a free $100 bonus +2% Deposit Bonus?

If you’re looking for a Crypto Exchange, you should definitely try the trusted leading Crypto.com exchange.

For a limited time, if you sign up now for the exchange and stake at least 1000 CRO, you would get a $100 bonus in CRO token + an additional 2% as a deposit bonus that you can use on the exchange for trading. (The higher amount of CRO staked on exchange rewards a higher referral bonus).

Make sure to enter the referral code when creating your free account to claim your free bonus or simply hit this get started link.

Also, check – Vauld referral code Reddit – Use the code “Exclusive” and get 2.5% extra interest.

Other Crypto Referral Codes to get Free Bonus in 2022

  • Binance Referral Code 2022 – Get 20% trading discount. Use the referral code “15955076” or use this direct link to signup for Binance.
  • BlockFi Referral Code 2022 – With BlockFi, you can use cryptocurrency to earn interest at up to 8.6% APY, borrow cash, and buy or sell crypto. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

    Use the BlockFi referral code “c5ec3964” or use this direct link to signup & get the free bonus of up to $250 depending on your deposit.
  • ByBit Referral Code 2022 – Use the referral code “oWryL” or use this direct signup link to get a free $10 Bonus + $600 worth of Rewards on the ByBit exchange.
  • KuCoin Referral Code 2022 – Use the referral code “rJ8Y4M9” or use this direct signup link to get a Trading discount on Kucoin + 5 USDT FREE.
  • FTX Referral Code 2022 – Use the referral code “Insider” or use this direct signup link and get 5% trading fee discount.
  • CryptoTrader.Tax – allows you to upload trading documents and automatically calculate how much tax you owe. Use this signup link & use promo code CRYPTOTAX10 to get 10% OFF.
  • Crypto Wallets – Two of the most popular crypto wallets companies are Ledger and Trezor. Here are the promo links of both to get additional discounts on their wallets. Ledger | Trezor

Don’t want to miss any Crypto referral code to get a free bonus on leading platforms? Join others on this Subreddit — reddit.com/r/ReferralCodesCrypto/

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Groovefunnels Review: Is it worth the hype? Should you buy the Lifetime Deal?


If you own a business, scaling it to the next level might be a little challenging in the digital world. Introducing to you, Groovefunnels – a suite of digital marketing tools designed to help you run and scale an online business. If you’re an Internet Marketer or Entrepreneur you must have heard about ClickFunnels. Groove Funnels is another improved and powerful tool in the category.

Today we would dive into Groovefunnels; would check its features, price, pro, cons, alternatives and most important can it replace ClickFunnels? Is it worth the hype? Is it a value for money funnel builder tool? Should you buy the Groovefunnels ongoing Lifetime Deal?

Before we get straight to the point about Groovefunnels features, first what is Groovefunnels?

What is Groovefunnels?

This is an all-in-one solution to your online business needs. Groovefunnels is the best funnel builder that will help you in creating the perfect business strategy to bring in more sales and conversions. 

The platform provides all online marketing related tools you need to ace those marketing strategies and get in the game. 

Why do you need this? First of all, basic marketing strategies can cost you a lot while creating lead generating funnels but Groovefunnels does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Basically, this platform manages everything for you. You can create landing pages, lead funnels, stores, or affiliate programs. As said, this is an all-in solution to your business needs if you want to increase your brand value and conversions. 


Now, there are many aspects of Groovefunnels or you can say multiple services the platform provides for the business owners. 

Features of Groovefunnels 

Groovefunnels has one of the systems among the competitors in the market. Their marketing and sales funnels are top-notch. Some of the services the platform provides are:


This is one of the most important services you should consider if you want to sell your product on the market. GrooveSell provides you with an online store that can give you payment integrations along with all the statistics and reports of your website.


The only custom builder tool you’ll ever need to build those converting landing pages. The builder is easy to use with drag and drop features. There are small bugs on the builder which can be irritating sometimes. But since those landing pages cost a hefty amount which considering GroovePages is less, you can surely consider it. 

The UI and designing features that Groove provides is quite simple. You don’t need any prior experience with the other building platforms to build something unique in Groove.


If you have your own products that require affiliate sales, this might be the management tool you’re looking for. By tracking affiliate accounts and users, the platform can also detect the sales and conversions your partners are bringing you. 

Along with this, there are incentive options that you can give to your selected affiliate and compensate them if they’re bringing you good sales regularly.


Business requires everything including some good email marketing campaigns. GrooveMail is the ideal tool you should be looking for while designing the best Email marketing campaign and generate some leads. The current market holders have some great options when it comes to automation but lack a lot of other email marketing aspects. 

The management system of GrooveMail has many tools itself including the management for other mail services currently in progress like MailChimp. 


If you’re planning to launch your own membership, this is the best tool you’re looking for. Just like other certification platforms, you can also launch your own certification that will be given to students. GrooveFunnels give you all the required tools in a single place including the email marketing solutions for your course. 


This is the best platform you need to promote your product or services through videos. You can place the required CTA between the videos or at any point in the videos. Do remember that this platform is not intended to create videos. This is focused on hosting and promoting videos for lead generation or product promotions. 

The biggest advantage of GrooveVideo is that among the competitors, it can support videos up to 100GB for 15 videos. Comparing with other services in the market, this is a pretty good deal. 

The main question here is, does GrooveFunnels live up to the hype in the market?

Groovefunnels is best for?

  • Agencies
  • Course Creators
  • E-commerce sellers
  • Funnel Builders
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers

Well, looking at the prices of the competitors, Groove is a steal deal. Let’s compare the prices and features with the competitors in the market. 


First and foremost, check out this video by the Groovefunnels creator himself Mike Filsaime.

Now, here’s the link to get Groovefunnels for free.

The best thing about this Groovefunnels free version is you don’t need even a credit card to get the access.

Now, let’s talk about all the Groovefunnels plans and their pricing.


So, basically as you can see in the above screenshot, Groovefunnels has three 4 plans.

  • GrooveFunnels Base plan is free (for a limited time)
  • GrooveFunnels Silver plan will cost $99/month.
  • GrooveFunnels Gold plan will cost $199/month.
  • GrooveFunnels Platinum lifetime: ~$1,397 (depending on how you pay).

GrooveFunnels Base Plan

The GrooveFunnels Base plan is 100% free (no price).

This is the free plan Groovefunnels offers to everyone to use.

Here are all the tools that comes up with Base Plan for free:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages (lite version).
  • You get 20% commissions with the affiliate program.

You can also create one or two websites on this Groovefunnel free plan, thanks to free Groovefunnels hosting.

There’s some restriction on GrooveFunnels Base Plan:

  • You can’t email leads, buyers, or affiliates.
  • You also can’t email those who abandoned your shopping cart.

Do you know you can also make some quick bucks promoting Groovefunnels? To do this, you need to join Groovefunnels affiliate program. In this base plan, you get 20% commissions when promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate.

So, that’s the basic package that actually gives you an idea about the builder and its features.

I’d highly recommend that you at least try their free account:

Now, lets move to other Groovefunnels plan and check it’s pricing and features.

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan

The GrooveFunnels Silver plan is $99 / month.

The GrooveFunnels Silver plan has the core apps needed to run a startup’s online business.

Here are the tools that will come along with the Silver plan:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.
  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
  • You also get 20% commissions with the affiliate program.

In Groovefunnels Silver plan you can:

  • You can now email leads, buyers, or affiliates.
  • You also can now email those who abandoned your shopping cart.

Do check your requirement once and grab the Silver plan if it suits your needs otherwise don’t worry they’ve also got the other plan that have more tools and features.

Let’s proceed to the next Groovefunnel Plan.

GrooveFunnels Gold Plan

The GrooveFunnels Silver plan is $99 / month.

GrooveFunnels Gold plan is for Professionals which has the core apps needed to run an online business; right from Blog to Support Desk and more.

In this plan, you get all of the previous features of the GrooveFunnels Silver plan (which were):

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
  • GrooveMember.
  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • You also get 20% commissions with the affiliate program.

Now, You can also send emails to leads, buyers, affiliates, as well as cart abandonment visitors.

What is added in the Groovefunnels Gold Plan are following that you didn’t get with any of the previous plans:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveQuiz.
  • GrooveCalendar.

All of these new features are pretty self-explanatory (except for maybe GrooveDesk).

GrooveDesk is a support desk for answering and helping your customers. Yes, like FreshDesk.

This is beneficial because you won’t need to get a third-party helpdesk tool. That’s the reason Groovefunnels is such a powerful tool.

Let’s now move to the absolute best part of GrooveFunnels and what they have to offer.

The lifetime option (Best value for money plan).

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Option

The GrooveFunnels Plantinum Lifetime Option is $1397 (for lifetime access)

Now, this is what I recommend if you plan on using the Groovefunnels platform for a long-term duration. I know it’s a lot of money but hey you can even pay in instalments. Continue reading to know more about Payment Options and all the benefits of grabbing this Groovefunnels lifetime deal.

But, Let’s first talk about all tools that comes along with Groovefunnels Platinum Lifetime upgrade.

You get ALL of the fantastic features that I talked about previously above (which include):

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.

The lifetime option also comes along with the features from GrooveFunnels Gold as well:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveQuiz.
  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveCalendar.

Don’t worry, there are more tools that come along with GrooveFunnels Platinum LTD too.

The lifetime deal also comes along with these new and premium features:

  • GrooveKart.
  • GrooveWebinars.
  • GroovePages for Shopify.

Yes, you will able to create both live and automated webinars with GrooveWebinars.

Another great benefit of upgrading to Platinum Plan is, getting upgraded huge affiliate commission.

  • You now get paid 40% commissions to promote GrooveFunnels.
  • You now also get paid a tier 2 commission of 10% when promoting GrooveFunnels.
  • Lastly, you get a non-promotional affiliate bonus (great for making more commissions).

Now, Why do I recommend grabbing Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal which is live for a limited time because:

  • Own it for life. No monthly subscription payments.
  • Never lose account access or your data.
  • Get all GrooveFunnels™ products for a lifetime.
  • Get all of FUTURE GrooveFunnels™ Products.
  • Get Lifetime VIP access GrooveKon™.
  • Affiliate Program 40% Commission.

And Yes, you get 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in-case you’re not satisfied with the Groovefunnels.

Now, here are the instalment information that I was talking about, in case you don’t want to pay the complete payment at once.

  • One-time payment of $1397
  • 4 Payments of $497/per month.
  • 6 Payments of $388/per month.
  • 12 Payments of $249/per month.

GrooveFunnels™ Platinum VS. Annual Subscription Costs

Groovefunnels Vs ClickFunnels

Each Year You Save Over $16,109!

Groovefunnels Vs ClickFunnels : Which is value for money?

Clickfunnels is currently one of the biggest funnel platforms that charge a big amount to build and create the best sale funnels online. Groovefunnels is the best alternative or even better than Clickfunnels considering the price point & features.. 

ClickFunnels is priced at $279/month for the platinum membership whereas GrooveFunnels platinum membership is priced at $1397 for the lifetime package. 

The greatest part about GrooveFunnels is that it provides a lot more features in the free version when compared to ClickFunnels. But currently, if you’re on a budget, Groove would be the ideal thing to go for. If you just require some basic marketing tools like landing pages, affiliate, and sell, Groove provides all this for free. 

Wrap Up

While there are many platforms available to build a perfect brand and generate leads, Groovefunnels seems to be the right option for the aspiring Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses. The ongoing Lifetime deal just makes the tool more valuable as you’re getting it for a lifetime for just a one-time payment.

👉 Is free hosting offered by GrooveFunnels?

Yes, you get FREE hosting on Groovefunnels free base account. Click here to create your free Groovefunnels account.

👉 ClickFunnels Vs GrooveFunnels: Which is best?

Groovefunnels is the most value for money and offers more features than ClickFunnels. So, definitely you should give it a try. It doesn’t cost anything, simply create your free account today. (No Credit Card Needed)

👉 When is GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal expiring?

Very soon. It’s not yet announced by the company but they’re advertising it as a limited time deal.

BlueHost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2019, Grab 65% Discount [Free Domain]


Are you looking for best budget-friendly Web Hosting this Black Friday? Well, you’ll be glad to know, one of the best and official WordPress Hosting Partner, BlueHost will be having a flash sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, if you’re planning to buy hosting packages then wait for this Winter Hosting Sale and grab the Hosting package that fits you. BlueHost provides all types of Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting in an affordable price.

Our Experience with Bluehost Web Hosting

We have got a  couple of WordPress Blogs on BlueHost and we never faced any kind of downtime so far. The best part about BlueHost is their awesome 24*7 customer support, you can ping them anytime for any query and it’ll be resolved immediately. If you’re just thinking to start your blog or the website then you should not miss this offer from BlueHost as you’re also getting a domain of your choice with the hosting. So, you don’t have to pay a single penny for the domain and they’ve got good site builders tool too, lets you create web pages with just drag and drop. And yes, if you’re setting up the blog then WordPress is just a single click away.

Bluehost is best for small to medium traffic blogs, it’s one of the best leading affordable hosting provider with years in the business. It’s one of the Web Hosting Brand owned by giant EIG group (Endurance International Group) who are in the business since 1997.


BlueHost Web Hosting Services & Features

  • Unlimited domains
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1 FREE Domain name Of your Choice.
  • Unlimited GB hosting space
  • Affordable pricing
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • $200+ Marketing offers from Google/Facebook/Twitter/Bing.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free website template
  • Free site tool builder
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Technology At BlueHost

When is BlueHost Black Friday Sale?

Here are the quick details about BlueHost November Sale.

Date: November 29, 2019.

Discount: $2.95/mo for 12 months

When is BlueHost Cyber Monday Sale?

Bluehost Cyber Monday sale would be live on 2 December 2019.

Flash Sale details would be updated on this page.

How to get the discount on BlueHost Web Hosting this Black Friday?

To avail the discount on BlueHost Web Hosting, all you need to do is visit this BlueHost Sale Page and choose the hosting package that fits you. Yes, there’s no coupon code required but make sure you go through that link and keep the sale time in mind.


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Find more Black Friday Deals and offers on this page.

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Glorify App 2.0 Review – Features, Pro, Cons & Pricing. Should you buy the Lifetime deal?


There are many graphic designing tools out there. But they all have common basic features, templates and libraries. I’ve tried Canva, Crello and few others too but due to the limited templates and absence of advanced features, I was hunting for the new tool for my agency.

And then one day, while browsing, I came across GlorifyApp design tool. I saw their promo video and it’s just impressed me. Want to watch that video? Here you go:

Glorify is the all-new cloud-based Graphic design tool specially designed for Internet Marketers, E-commerce sellers, Influencers, Social Media Manager, and Growth Hacker. It’s basically designed for everyone who’s not an expert in graphic designing. With just a few clicks anyone can create stunning product images, social media graphics, ebooks, logos and whatnot without any prior knowledge or Graphic designing skills.

Glorify App Unique Features

Glorify’s unique features makes this tool unique from their competitors, maybe they’ll copy the features that these guys are having but trust me the people behind Glorify are talented & hardworking and they had been working in e-commerce Graphic design at their own agency; managing Product Image designing of 7-figure e-commerce sellers. They are responsive and they keep adding new features, templates very often.

If you see the feature-wise, my favorites are:

  •  One-Click Background Removal.
  • Annotate tool.
  • Smart resizer
  • Cloud storage
  • Design sets
  • 1000+ growing library of templates
  • Effects to give the professional looks to your product images.
  •  2 Million free Creative assets
  • Early adopter mastermind community on FB.
  •  and many more. 

Now, if you use Glorify for your Product Images with all these features, it will definitely improve your conversions and CTR. Check all the Glorify features here.

Glorify App Pricing

Glorify offers it’s a tool on a monthly subscription model, the price starts from $12.99 per month and goes till $37.99. But I’ve got a good news for you, you can grab the new improved version for lifetime by just paying a one-time fee. Read on to know more.

Glorify recently launched Glorify 2.0 which is faster, feature-packed, more services integrations options, team sharing, the addition of more templates to their ever-growing library of more than 14K templates.

Glorify App 2.0 & LTD

To celebrate the launch of Glorify 2.0, they’re offering second and last limited time Lifetime Deal [LTD] wherein you can grab any Glorify app plan on 93% discount for a lifetime after paying a one-time fee. The Glorify LTD pricing is starting from as low as $99. Kindly note, LTD is valid only for a limited time.

Here are all the plans and their LTD pricing.

Glorify App Lifetime Deal LTD
Glorify App LTD Plans and their Pricing

1: Glorify Pro Solo Plan – $97/lifetime. Best for small sellers, Youtuber, Influencer, Dropshippers, Instagram Influencers, freelancers or bloggers who are just starting up.

2: Glorify Pro Startup Plan – $197/lifetime. Best for Small team and agency where you can share the account with up to 2 members.

3: Glorify Enterprise Plan – $397/lifetime. Ultimate plan best for Big Agency, Big E-com Sellers, Startups and everyone who does a lot of background photo removal, handle brands and clients and having a bigger team to share the tool. If you ask me, in this price it’s a STEAL deal. It’s a great one-time investment.

All the plans come with 30-days money-back guarantee, no question asked and you can also upgrade your plan during the LTD deal period.




At last, I would like to say, If you’re an Internet Marketer, E-com Seller, Instagram Influencer, Dropshipper, Blogger, and YouTuber, you definitely need a good Graphic Designing Software which will not only save our time + money. If you hire someone to manage your all Graphic Designing it will cost you a lot but here you actually save a lot by grabbing the LTD plan. 

I’ve bought the early adopter LTD deal and I must say, it’s one of the best investment I’ve made in 2019. The software is so easy to use and powerful that would fall in love with Graphic Designing.

Go try it today and let me know your experience after using it.

Now, since you’re into e-commerce, I would like you to introduce to another great AI-based Copywriting tool called Copy.ai. With Copy.ai you can create different types of copy within seconds. Be it Ad Copies, Social Media Copy, Blog Copy, Website Copy or writing great product descriptions. Check out this Copy.ai review for more info about this AI tool. 

[Sept 2019] NameCheap Summer ‘Back to School’ Sale: Save Huge on Domains, Hosting, SSL, and VPN.

Namecheap Summer Back to School Sale

Namecheap has announced it’s ‘Back to School’ sale where you can save huge on Domain Names, Shared Hosting, SSL Certificates, and VPN (Virtual Private Network) Software.

NameCheap ‘Back to School’ sale is starting from midnight ET September 10 to 11:59 PM ET on September 13.

NameCheap ‘Back to School’ September Sale 2019

Domain Names on Sale

Save up to 85%

Grab the domain extension on discount like .com, .me, .info, .ai, .app and  more. With every domain purchase, you get FREE SSL, FREE WhoisGuard and FREE 2-months Private email.

Grab Domains on Discount here >

Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting

Save up to 99% 

It’s the best time to start a blog or say bye bye to your old shitty Web Hosting Service as you’re getting a premium web hosting in dirt price. These kind of deals you’ll only find in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hosting Sales. 

NameCheap is offering managed WordPress Web Hosting at just $0.1 cent per month in this Web Hosting Sale. Shared Hosting are starting at just $9.88/per year where you can host 3 websites. If you want to host unlimited websites go for Stellar Plus Shared Hosting which costs just $19.88/per year.


Grab NameCheap Hosting on Discount here >

SSL Certificate NameCheap Sale

Save up to 46% 

Make your site trusted by encrypting the connection. Grab the SSL for your personal and professional website at just $14.88 per year.

Grab NameCheap SSL on Discount here >

NameCheap VPN Sale

Save up to 83% 

Ensure safe browsing wherever you are with Namecheap VPN.. Grab the premium VPN just for $1 per month for a limited time.

  • Secure, Fast & Anonymous browsing

  • – Gain internet freedom & Unlock geo-restrictions

  • – 24/7 Namecheap support

  • – No logs


Grab NameCheap VPN on Discount here >

Do let us know, what you’ve grabbed in this Namecheap summer sale? If you’ve came across any other coupon or deal, also share in the comments below.

Trezor Vs Ledger: Which is the best hardware wallet for storing your crypto assets?


What are crypto wallets?

Digital wallets, which often go by the name of crypto wallets, are used for storing all the cryptocurrencies in them. They are both hardware and software as they are devices programmed to collect all the digital cash and transactions that you make. These wallets provide as an aid to the safety plus, so there will be secure transfer and receipt to be kept by the users. So with the help of this article, we will compare two hardware wallets, Trezor Vs Ledger, and understand which one is better for you to use.

Hardware wallets are physical wallets and devices where the cryptocurrencies are stored offline but can be accessed online with the use of the USB cable. Both Trezor and Ledger are two hardware wallets which help you to store your cryptocurrencies offline so that it can be accessed later. Amongst the most outstanding wallets out there in the market, both Trezor and Ledger are top in their function and can be used for a ton of things.

What is Ledger Nano S?

The Ledger Nano S can be recognized as one of the most sold hardware wallets that helps you to store all the cryptocurrencies offline. It is convenient for you to use. At the same time, it can help you to store any currency that you please to save like Bitcoin, Etherium, Zcash, etc. you can also transact these cryptocurrencies to the other wallets if you like with the help of the Ledger Nano S. It is small in nature and a complete compact device that comes with a stainless steel body and casing, which is chosen with sleek style and performance-enhancing features.

Features of the Ledger Nano S

  1. This device has earned the trust and reputation for being one of the best cryptocurrency wallets to be used by traders. Even if your computer has a security breach, you can use this fantastic hardware wallet to collect all the cryptocurrencies that you want. Ledger Nano S will help and keep all your digital assets safe. It users two main layers of protection, which are the ST31H320 and STM32F042. It helps to chip in the private mechanism for your protection and uses the sign-in method whenever you want to.
  2. You can even use a PIN Code to make sure that all your currency is safe there. It uses a Pin Code generation, which is asked at the time of opening the hardware. Once you put in the pin code, you can access through your said cryptocurrency.
  3. Ledger Nano S is an excellent cryptocurrency wallet because even if you get your hardware stolen, you can retrieve all the data that you had in your previous device. The user convenience, which is produced by Ledger Nano S, is exceptionally unique and comes to the best of your advantage with the security management here.

Pros of using Ledger Nano S:

  1. Extremely safe for your usage.
  2. It comes with a Pin code generation so that your device cannot be logged in easily.
  3. Can retrieve all the lost data in a simple way.
  4. Lightweight and sleek in design and performance.
  5. The process of security helps you from your information being breached out to third parties.


Well, Ledger Nano S asks you to generate a pin code, but sometimes the process can be a bit tedious to what it is. It takes time for you to complete the whole process and then use your hardware, so this is a negative point for most users out there. Other than that, Ledger Nano S is excellent for you to use.


Ledger’s latest hardware wallet Ledger Nano X costs $144, free-ships worldwide. Buy from the official website link below. 

Official Website of Ledger Wallet: shop.ledger.com

What is Trezor?

In the article of the Ledger Vs Trezor review, let us come to the second part. So what is Trezor? Trezor is another amazing physical cryptocurrency wallet that you can use. It is an open-source hardware wallet which can help you to store all the cryptocurrencies that you want in one place. It was the first Bitcoin wallet that was launched in August 2014. Since then, it has been offering secured cold storage plus the ability to speed your transaction when you are transforming the cryptocurrency from one source to the other.

It is a sizable fit for your pocket since it is compact and easy to carry around. It comes with an added USVB Cable, which can help you to charge your device and at the same time, transfer the data from the device to your computer when you are trading online. And there are signed transaction which takes place so that you can be protected from theft and incant of third parties from using your hardware.

Trezor One White

Features of Trezor:

  1. There are various types and choices of coins that you can transact with the help of Trezor. This hardware wallet provides you with over 600+ cryptocurrencies which you can use during the time of trading online and offline. There are mainstream coins that you can use like Zcash, Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. and there are hundreds more alternative coins to trade with the help of Trezor.
  2. You can access the interface of Trezor with your mobile and even your desktop, according to your convenience. Since it is perfect for you to use, this fantastic hardware cryptocurrency wallet helps you to connect with the IOS and the Android devices out there so that it can be operated with the use of the tablets via connecting it with the USB cable.
  3. The operating system of Trevor is exceptionally functional. This means that with the help of Trezor, you can work in operating systems such as Windows or Mac, according to your convenience. It can be even channelized with the help of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, as you like. It has full functionality for all the systems produced here.

Pros of using Trezor:

  1. It will offer you a 100% cold storage if you like.
  2. It comes with a maximum-security range so that there is no breach.
  3. The original Bitcoin wallet that was first introduced in the market.
  4. You have to sign in with your information every time you log.


Even though Trezor is one of the main and the original hardware for collecting cryptocurrencies, it remains prone to security attacks from altogether.


Trezor’s latest wallet is Trezor Model T which costs 149 Euro and ships worldwide. Buy from the official link below.

Official Website of Trezor: trezor.io

Trezor vs. Ledger: Which one to buy?


A lot of people have thought that using Trezor would be a scam to them. This is because, most of the time, there were a lot of users and customers complaining about the security breach. On the other hand, there is no such news on the side of Ledger. Since its launch in the market, this fantastic hardware has been the top choice for a lot of cryptocurrency investors out there. It is incredibly protective of your information and makes sure that no other third party can know about it. But still, here are some of the points of differentiation which can help you to choose any one from these two.

  • In terms of design

When it comes to Ledger then it has a stylish stainless steel look. It can be protected from the damage which can be caused due to the dropping of the item. But it is more substantial when it comes to trezor because it is incredibly lightweight to carry around. Trezor is made with plastic and comes with a large screen at your disposal.

  • In terms of price

Another point of measuring both of them is the price that you have to pay. Well, for Trezor, you have to pay around 80 dollars, and for Ledger, an amount of 60 dollars would do the deal.

  • In terms of reputation

When it comes to recognition and reputation, then Trezor is more accepted throughout the world than Ledger. Since Trezor is the original hardware which is used for storing cryptocurrency, Ledger falls back here.

  • Open Source

Trezor is open-source hardware where Ledger is not open-source hardware in terms of storing all the cryptocurrency.

Wrapping it up

Both Ledger Nano S and Trezor One are incredibly safe for you to use. In terms of safety, Ledger wins the bet because not a single user has ever complained about the security breach. But on the other hand, if you can check to see, then Trezor has a well-known market name, and a lot of people use it for better convenience. If you are not willing to pay much for getting cryptocurrency hardware, then Ledger will be the perfect solution for you. Both of them are great, and they have a specific set of usages. The reason why this Trezor vs Ledger is made is to bring to your notice about these two fantastic hardware wallet which is out in the market and you must buy a hardware wallet to store your crypto assets safely.

Bonus Tip: Only buy a hardware wallet from the official website. Never and every buy from any online retailer, re-seller or anyone who claims they’re authorised by the company.

Ledger Nano X Review: Is this the best hardware wallet?


Ledger is a  renowned and reputed company in the cryptocurrency-based market. In the past years, the company has already claimed his authority in hardware wallet manufacturing with their product Ledger Nano S. Last year they have come up with an advanced model of that with Ledger Nano X. It is almost over a year that Ledger Nano X is in the market and now it is a tested and trusted hardware wallet. It was already bought by more than a million cryptocurrency holders. Let us see what is special about this device.

The Box

Upon opening, you will find the following things:

  • Ledger Nano X
  • 1 USB cable
  • Keychain for device
  • 3 recovery sheets
  • Ledger stickers


The Device

This is considerably a large device having a big button and a widescreen. Moreover, the device is quite strong and tough. These features make Ledger Nano X a handy and sturdy device.



Nano X supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies which consists of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. As of writing this, Nano X supports more than 1250 cryptocurrencies.

Check all the supported coins by ledger’s Nano X here.

Managing Device

One of the best features is its ease in managing. The buyer must perform a few steps to connect the device with his android or IOS. The person has to download Ledger Live a dedicated app for managing Ledger Hardware.

The best thing with this app is its security credentials. The app itself has to be unlocked with a different passcode. Then using Bluetooth, one connects to its hardware. From this everything can be controlled.


In the crypto world, security is the most important thing. Ledger has given a good look on this for this product. It comes with a CC EAL5+ security. Along with that Ledger Nano X does not have anti-tampering seal technology. As it is possible to counterfeit the seal so, instead of it, they use Root to Trust a new-gen software technology.

Data storage and Recovery

The device is provided with recovery seeds which are a series of words. You will have to take account of this word manually and can be used whenever you need.

Grow your assets

Receive crypto rewards while holding your coins securely on your device using Ledger Live or an external wallet. Let your crypto do the work for you.


This new generation Ledger’s wallet cost $119 which is a bit expensive but it all worth considering the features and most importantly the security which this device offers. If you’re on a budget, you can also check their older version Nano S.

For a limited time ledger is running a promo where you can save 20% Discount on Ledger’s wallet. Click the button below to get the discount link.

Things to remember

One thing, I would like to clear here. If you’re interested in buying this product only buy from the Official Website which is ledger.com/products/nano-x and the Ledger Live app should be downloaded from the link given in their site for security concerns. Never and ever buy from any online retailer like Amazon, any offline re-seller; doesn’t matter if they’re authorised. I’ve seen many cases of users complaining about infringement products.

Getting a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano X is one the best investment you make to securely store, control and manage your valuable crypto assets.

Ledger Nano X – Next Gen Hardware Wallet.

Synthesys Review 2020: Is this the best Text to Speech tool?



Synthesys is the first Ever HUMAN based Text To Speech Software. Synthesys will turn any Text/Script into a highly engaging and Sexy Voice-Over in just 3 clicks. 

Check Synthesys Offer >


You may have come across Text-to-Speech convertors while searching online. For better engagement with the audience, it is important to manipulate your voice for better understanding. Unlike Google and Wavenet that already offers this service for free, Synthesys is one such platform that quickly translates your texts to speech while maintaining good quality traffic.

This article is all about exploring different steps of using Synthesys and how it is advantageous to individuals in modern times. If you are looking for excellent voice covers, then Synthesys is your answer! Synthesys review further explains why you need to use this technology today!

What is Synthesys?

If you are a technology-savvy individual, you must know the power of speech technology. Consumers and clients sometimes prefer speech over texts as they are more convenient and relatable. Keeping up with this trend, Synthesys defined as a superior text to speech converter that works under all conditions.

The converter has the capacity of translating your written message within a fraction of a second. It comes with 8 voice modulator translation feature that ensures professional English language engagement quality. You can choose the voice cover based on your own requirements. You will be happy with the incredible voice superiority as professionals try to cover it for you. The eminence attached with Synthesys uplifts this speech technology platform to another level.

Because of all these features, Synthesys is now one of the most successful text to speech translation software’s preferred by professionals. Instead of visiting a recording studio today, why not try Synthesys?

Why are marketers in love with Synthesys?

Business enthusiasts, marketers and even entrepreneurs love this text to speech translating software because of the following advantages:

1. More profits earned

One of the greatest advantages of using Synthesys is that it is so easy to understand its basic functions that even a layman can do it alone. You do not need to hire a voice artist ever again, as synthesys will do the trick alone.

Plus, there are an amazing range of voice selections available that make you wonder about its importance. The professional engagement of narration helps you earn more profits. You get the voice covers ready within a decent budget.

2. An excellent method of communication

If you are planning to communicate more with your audience and clients, it’s time to get in touch with Synthesys. This software allows you to translate any kind of videos and even texts to audio messages and engage your customers in a better way. The network is excellent and this makes this platform fruitful.

3. Promotions are made easier

Synthesys helps in various ways and one of them is promotions. If you start using the platform, you will realize its efficiency in various levels of promotions. Since you are trying to engage the audience in a better way, you can get your scripts translated to one of the best audio files ever.

Now, you can these audios for promotions for more users to know about the product you are promoting. This method not only saves money but further brings clarity to your promotion campaign.

4. It’s a good business strategy to adopt

One of the finest perks that all business enthusiasts and even entrepreneurs will recognize is the importance of synthesys for taking note of a good strategy. You can easily realize your business goals, exploit this cut-edge technology, and generate as many voice covers as you like. If you are able to reach your targeted audience, half of your business work is done.

5. Best technology ever

If you are talking about technology, then Synthesys can get your voice covers ready in minutes. Each voice cover you choose sounds so real that you will remain confused for a while. Plus, the generation of these audio files is done within a neutral network range, which allows no external management services.

6. Great voice covers at inexpensive prices

Not willing to spend too much money on getting a voice cover? Well, synthesys will do that for you. Here, you get all types of audio translation files at the cheapest rates. This further helps in saving extra time and enriching the translation experience.

How does Synthesys work?

Coming across all the Synthesys review from users, it is quite easy to use this software with just three basic steps. These are as follows:

  1. Users must choose the type of voice they prefer to translate the text to. If you are looking for a specific business voice or that of any gender, select the cover from the dropdown menu. You can choose from 8 voice cover options.
  2. Once you choose, it’s time to create. Simply choose the text or script you want to translate and copy-paste it in the software. Now, click on the option ‘’create’’.
  3. The audio file takes around a minute or two to generate, depending on the length. Once done, you can share the file with anyone you like or even post it on a particular platform. Sharing can be done from the software itself.

If you are not at all sure how to use Synthesys, then you may watch the small audiobook example that lists all the steps one by one. You will also find more information on the voice cover quality and how it sounds so real.

To work with Synthesys, users can always create an account. To do so, click on register and enter your details to start the translation immediately. You can always understand the basic steps first so that it is easier to choose the voice covers and work accordingly.

Before you proceed, make sure that you pay attention to the terms and conditions of translation. This will further help in providing a decent experience of translation at the cost of securing profits.

Extra features
1: Web-based : No downloading required.
2: Zero Learning Curve : No Prior Skills Or Experience Needed.
3: Special Launch Offer Includes:

  • FREE SYNTHESYS Commercial License
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Low Introductory One-Time Price
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Synthesys is best for creating?

1: Engaging Sales Videos

2: Video Sales Letters

3: Animated Videos

4: Explainer Videos

5: Instagram & FB Marketing Videos

6: TV Commercials

7: Podcasts

Synthesys Pricing

Synthesys PersonalSynthesys Commercial
Synthetic Speech TechnologySynthetic Speech Technology
Access to 8 professional voicesAccess to 8 professional voices
Sell LIMITED Voice-OversSell UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
Create UNLIMITED Voice-OversCreate UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
Fully Web-BasedFully Web-Based
Personal License Commercial License
10,000 credits included**30,000 credits included**
No Special BonusSpecial bonuses
Can’t use With Your Clients & ProspectsUse With Your Clients & Prospects
Buy Synthesys Commercial Plan $97 Buy Synthesys Personal Plan $67

**(each credit is 1 character) 30K characters/credits are equal to 60 minutes of voice over. (buy more credits anytime from right inside your dashboard) Bonuses With Synthesys Commercial Plans

  1. Fiverr Voice-Over Success 2020 Coursesynthesys commercial bonuses
  2. Synthesys Audiobook Marketing.synthesys audio marketing bonus
  3. Synthesys Podcasting Profit Secretssynthesys podcasting bonus
  4. Podcasting Made Easysynthesys podcasting course
  5. Podcast Interview Template

synthesys podcast interview templates

The final conclusion: Is synthesys recommended?

Synthesys is definitely recommended for individuals who are looking forward to earning some good amount of money without renting voice artists. It is almost a satisfaction to catch up with the amazing work that synthesys does under all fields of work. There are unique tones available and the voices are mostly human-like, which will make you fail to distinguish between the real and unreal.

Instead of spending time and trying to search for experienced voice cover artists, let Synthesys assist you in all your work. You will be amazed to check the results as each voice is perfect and precise. The audio will seem like real and lively at the cost of zero expenses. As per the script, the audio files are also engaging and will improve your communication with the audience.

Therefore, check out all the amazing results that you will only receive with Synthesys today!

Webinarkit Review + Promo Code : Is it worth it?


What is a WebinarKit?

WebinarKit is a software that is built for the current competitive world. The software comes with a lot of updated features , It helps the users to run webinars even without them having to be present there! it is done with the help of automated webinar funnels. The software is designed in such a manner that even beginners will be able to make sales easily by following a few steps which involves factors like funnel creation to traffic, and all this in a very short time thanks to the easy to use interface provided by the WebinarKit software.

What are the problems of other Webinar softwares?

Some of the problems that the users of other webinar softwares face are:

  • They are not friendly to use for beginners as they are complex
  • They are Expensive
  • They are time consuming
  • They have a lot of bugs
  • They don’t provide the real traffic from scratch
  • They are outdated

From the above points its quite evident that the normal webinar softwares lack efficiency in many fields and added to it they are expensive. Customers always want the best utility of their money and these softwares fail to provide it, ‘The best utility’.

What is the solution?

It is often hard to find an all in one solution to any problem. But thanks to the developers, we have an all in one solution for all of the above mentioned problems in WebinarKit. The highlight is that not only does it solve all the problems but it also comes at a very affordable rate despite all its modern features!!

People no longer have to pay hefty sums to avail some outdated software with a lot of shortcomings.

What are the advantages of the WebinarKit

  • It is affordable
  • It has an easy to use interface
  • It has the latest features
  • Even beginners without a product or business can easily use it
  • Helps to minimize wastage of time

In short the WebinarKit solves the problems associated with other similar softwares and all of their short comings becomes the strength of the WebinarKit.

This Ground Breaking Software Will Take You From 0 To Making High Ticket Sales With Auto-Webinars In A Few Simple Steps:

  • STEP 1: Pick a Pre-loaded Funnel
  • STEP 2: Grab Your Affiliate Link
  • STEP 3: Webinarkit automatically builds your whole autowebinar funnel using YOUR affiliate link
  • STEP 4: Set up your passive traffic using our method and software (which we’ve used to drive 1.5 million free page-views to one of our sites!)
  • STEP 5: Watch your business scale like never before!

What is the Price of the WebinarKit?

The pricing of the WebinarKit is one of its most attractive features. Despite providing the latest features the WebinarKit comes at a very affordable rate. It surely provides utility of money which everyone is keen to get.



WebinarKit Pro

$ 67

At present the developers are providing a very attractive ‘Pay just once deal’ as part of its launch. Later it will become a monthly payment system.

Added to the attractive rates the WebinarKit comes along with a lot of Bonuses to help the buyer grow his business even faster! Some of these bonuses are :

  • Quick Guide to WordPress SEO
  • WP Easy Option Pro Plugin
  • Graphics Blackbox
  • Ultimate Sales Page
  • Social Signals for SEO
  • 50+ Niche Pack
  • 101 WordPress Tips and Tricks
  • Facebook Traffic
  • Instagram Traffic
  • YouTube Video Mastery
  • Tube Ads Genie
  • Video Marketing Hack

Conclusion: Should you buy WebinarKit?

In todays world most businesses are making use of the technological advancements that have taken place over the last few decades, in fact the world is coming to a point where businesses that do not have their presence online would cease to exist. Hence tools of assisting businesses are also becoming fast popular. Every newcomer have a wide range of products to choose from , but the truth is that not all the products that are available provides value for money. Every buyer needs a product which is pocket friendly, efficient and user friendly. The WebinarKit provides just that! When compared to similar softwares, the WebinarKit stands one step ahead by providing the latest features, a very friendly user interface which allows even beginners to initiate tasks with ease and most importantly it comes with a very attractive price tag to it and the fact that the package comes with a lot of bonuses makes it a must have in the list of any business owner or an affiliate. I recommend everyone to grab the product now when the ‘Pay Just Once’ deal is on.

Get the product at :  https://www.getwebinarkit.com/live/

ZapBG – Best Background Remover tool? Should you Grab ZapBG Lifetime Deal.


Many a times, we want to remove the background from our photos but due to the lack of either tools or designing knowledge, we can’t do that. 

Removing background from an image manually is a very time taking process, even if you know how to remove it using the traditional tools like Photoshop. 

What if you’ve got a lot of product photos (E-commerce Seller) and you want to remove the background from all of them? Well, then obviously you need to use a background removal tool.  

Now, there are a lot of tools available on the Internet. One that’s more popular Remove.bg but it’s NO more a free tool. They’ve started charging per image and that’s very expensive if you’re a e-commerce seller who has got a lot of product photos.

ZapBG – Background remover tool

Introducing to you, ZapBG, the fastest and the most intelligent way to remove background from any image with a single click. 

ZapBg uses AI and ML which makes this tool so fast and 100% accurate. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the result it has the option of manually selecting the parts of the image you want to remove.

Features of ZapBG

  • Autoclip AI: Once you upload the picture, our AI will automatically remove the background from it.
  • Change Backgrounds: Our editor tool lets you add image or color backgrounds so you don’t have to use other apps anymore.
  • Pan & Zoom: Twist, turn, and zoom an image to deliver pixel-perfect results.
  • Undo / Redo: You can always go back to the previous state with our undo and redo options.
  • + / – Markers: We have created markers for you to manually choose what parts you want to remove or keep.
  • Share Easily: Share your work directly on social media without leaving our app.
  • Brush Size: Manually choose brush size for your editing purposes.
  • Multi Export: Export multiple images at once and save your precious time.


ZapBG is a SAAS tool and will follow the subscription based model but right now they’re running the limited time lifetime deal starting from just $49 wherein you get all the features and future upgrades for FREE.  Depending on the chosen plan, the deals include a different amount of background remover credits per month, credit rollover and storage capacity.


ZapBG Vs Others.

There are mainly 3 competitors for ZapBG. Remove.bg, Clipping Magic and Slazzer, you can see which is most affordable. 


Should you buy it?

I would say, it’s a great deal. For lifetime, you don’t need to buy any other background removal tool. They’ll also keep adding new features to the tool as you can see in their Public Roadmap. They also offer you free storage with every plan so you don’t need to carry your external hard drive or keep everything in your laptop. The files can be accessible from anywhere and can be shared directly with any team member on the go. 

It’s the best tool for e-commerce sellers, photographers, designers, agencies, marketers, bloggers and anyone who deals with photo editing and specific background removal. 

Click the image below to grab your ZapBG Lifetime plan now!


What’s the ZapBG LTD deal?

You get up to 94% discount. Check the offer details and plans.

Does ZapBg offers refund?

Yes, they offer 30-days money back guarantee. No question asked.

What about un-used removal credits?

They would be added to your next month cycle.

What are upcoming features on ZapBG?

Integration with Glorify app and other apps and video background removal.

Do I have to pay for the future updates and features?

No, if you grab their LTD deal.

Can I pay via PayPal?

They accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments!

Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

You certainly can! As long as the LTD offer is still running, you will be able to do so straight from the app settings and simply by paying the difference. If you decide to do this once the LTD offer runs out, you will just need to get in touch with them to upgrade to a higher plan.

Rebel.com – Is this new Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Company any good?

Recently one of my friend from Canada, told me about this new Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Company called Rebel.com and I thought to give it a try.

Now, there are many Companies comes and go in this particular Web Hosting and Domains Industry. Only a few survive which has great pricing, some USP, features and great customer support. You can take, namecheap.com for an example.

Okay, Let’s talk about rebel.com now. 

Rebel.com is a Canadian Tech company which offers Domains, Web Hosting Solutions, Website Builders, Custom emails and mostly everything you need to take and grow your online presence. The company also offers discounts to charitable organizations and nonprofits. Rob Villeneuve is the CEO of Rebel who has more than 2 decades of experience in domains, software development & web solutions. In addition to serving customers in over 186 countries, Rebel emphasizes simplicity and has a community-building orientation.



I didn’t compare Rebel’s pricing with some other major registrar but I’ve found their pricing decent. They’ll also run domain name promo from time to time. For example, they’re offering .co domain for just $3 (usually price is around $10). There are numerous domain extension which are on sale at Rebel but I don’t know how long. Go check out their active deals and promos here.

Web Hosting


Rebel offers a lot of Web Hosting packages like Shared Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting, Business Hosting and VPS Hosting as well. Here are their pricing:

Shared Hosting

$1.50/month which includes free domain name as well.

  • 1 FREE domain!*
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Developer friendly
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Free hosting migration

Managed WordPress Hosting – $3.30/month 

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic backups
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Free hosting migration

Business Hosting – $6.30/month

Powerful hosting to handle big traffic so you can focus on growth. Simple, seamless control powered by Plesk.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Multi website support
  • Free hosting migration

VPS Hosting – $8.10/mo

Powerful enterprise-level solutions for businesses on the grow. Built for speed, reliability and security.

  • Powerful servers
  • Choose your server location
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • Free hosting migration
  • Full root access.

Website Builder – FREE

Professionally designed drag & drop templates – including e-commerce and social media integration.

Some of the best benefits of using Rebel Hosting:

  • 1-on-1 Assisted Setup: You can request a call from the Rebel setup team so they can help you set up your new email account, use your site builder, or use your Rebel account (e.g. tasks like managing your domains, hosting, and emails).
  • Speedy 24/7 Customer Support: Rebel offers 24/7 customer service, so you can talk to someone at any time if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Moreover, the company promises a response within 2 minutes, which is not something we regularly see.
  • Free Site Migration: Rebel will help you move an existing website — and email — over to their servers free of charge. The company promises you virtually no interruption in service.

How to get the best deal at Rebel?

The price Rebel displays is valid during the initial promotional period only.

You can pay on a month-to-month basis, but if you pay up front for a year, you’ll get a small discount. To save even more money, keep an eye out for hosting discounts — we’ve seen Rebel offer as much as 70% off your first purchase.

At the end, I would like to say, you must try this new domain and web hosting company. It looks great to me. Also, Rebel offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with what you’ve purchased. I would research a bit more about their products and services and I’ll update this article with my experience.