21 Secrets To Save Money And Time At Amazon.com


Last Updated : 03/06/2018

Amazon is a shopping hub today with millions of customers and vendors doing their everyday business through the amazing web portal. However there are lots of additional features that Amazon provides for the customer convenience and satisfaction. They may not be advertised as much, but clear knowledge of these features ensures that you never lose money on goods purchased from Amazon. Let us list out some of the hidden facts and secrets that Amazon holds. Lets learn how to save on amazon prime membership, shipping costs, fees, gift cards and much more.

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Get Cash back on televisions and cell phones if you see a better deal.

If you choose to buy a television or cell phone and find a lower price on the same model on some other website or store, you can get cash back for the observed price difference; thanks to Amazon Pricing Policies for TVs & phones. To get the cash return, you need to contact Amazon on phone or chat 14 days from shipment. You can also email Amazon and you will have a response within 24 hours.

Cash Back on Price Drop


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If you happen to see a price drop on a commodity, after you bought it, Amazon issues refund for the cash difference. According to the company policy if the price drops within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery, you will be given a refund for the difference in price. You can contact Amazon on phone, Email or chat if you observe that the prices have dropped.

Great Deals on New and Used Items With Amazon Warehouse, Outlets & Myhabit


Amazon Warehouse is the spot for open box and used goods. You can browse the Warehouse of amazing offers on used items in good condition. You also have a look to Amazon Outlet for great deals on new goods and the MyHabit offers great deals on designer goods of your choice.

Beat the Minimum Required To Buy Cheap “Add-on” With A Pre-Order

Amazon is well known for its amazing deals on add-on items like pen drives, toilet paper and many more. However, to access the deals you need a minimum purchase of $25. For this, you can add any pre-orders item like unreleased video games or movies. The pre-order also counts and it can fulfill the minimum required purchase. Later if you happen to have a different idea, you can just cancel your pre-order before it is shipped and Amazon won’t charge you for it.

Get refund or replacement for broken items and more.

If your order arrives broken or in unacceptable condition, you just have to contact the Amazon customer service. Amazon has policies to provide a replacement or refund for the damaged delivery, but the best part is, you won’t have to carry the hassle of shipping it back to Amazon. The item is replaced without any return shipment. If the item is a third party product, Amazon offers a refund within 2-3 business days.

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Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping for Complete Family

Amazon prime customers enjoy free 2 day shipping for quick and hassle free shopping. There are many other benefits of having Amazon Prime membership like Unlimited streaming of movies & TV shows, music streaming and free kindle books. Amazon Prime is totally worth it, if you order at least 1o items that costs less than $25 a year. And the best part is, there is an option to share this feature up to 4 family members. You just need to go to the ‘Prime Central’ page and choose ‘invite a household member’. The family member will need a simple verification of your birth date to gain access to the free two-day shipping facility. For more information on sharing Amazon Prime with other member, check out this page.

“My favorite part about Prime is that now I just buy EVERYTHING on Amazon. Out of hand soap, deodorant, batteries, anything else? It’ll be here in two days for free. As long as I don’t need something RIGHT NOW, it’s perfect because it saves me a trip to the store.” – Whitson Gordon

Amazon Prime for Students


Amazon Prime is a premium option that charges you $99 per year; certainly not for students. However, Amazon Student is the option for you if you want to enjoy Prime benefits like two-day free shipping and access to music, movies and books. Amazon student charges you only $49 per year and amazingly offers six-month trial for convenience of students across the globe. To avail the service you will need a valid college email and the rest is great fun. And in case, you don’t wants to pay $49, cancel your trial of Amazon Student before six months is over.

Find Wish-List Of Your Loved Ones & Surprise Them


Amazon has one of the most innovative features for customer satisfaction. With Amazon you have a great option to check other people’s wish-list, Wedding and baby registry by entering their email id or name. This works best when you want to surprise a friend with a gift that he wishes to buy. The wish-list provides an insight on your friends’ wishes and you can spread love by giving surprise gifts to your friends on occasions. Even sometimes Amazon will give you the address, allowing you to easily gift something to your loved ones.

Amazon Freebies Every Day


Amazon offer great discounts on many Kindle books every day, including selections in romance, nonfiction, and even kids titles. The offers update everyday and you can check the offers to see whether your favorite books have any offers on them. If you have an Android phone, Amazon offers one paid android app for free every day, with Amazon app store you can download the free apps offered by Amazon. The apps can be a game or tool that can be essential for everyone.

Amazon Trade-In Program For Best Value Of Your Old Gadgets & Stuff

Amazon offers trade-in, where you can simply trade in your used goods at higher price in the form of Amazon credits. If you shop frequently on Amazon, this can be a very lucrative choice. If you choose to sell it on Gazelle, you do receive cash but a lot lesser value whereas in form of Amazon credits you can get a better value for your used item. Amazon accepts phones, tablets, CDs, DVDs, video games and textbooks.

Amazon Gold Box & Daily Coupons For Maximum Savings


Amazon runs seasonal offers and sales on the platform; however, on Amazon Gold Box you can find great deals and limited period sales round the year. Amazon also has a Coupons page that gives instant discounts on fitness gear and food. The offer update rapidly but you just have to keep checking our Best Deals Of the Day thread, where we updates daily gold box deals, deal of the day, latest coupons & offers.

Avoid Sales Tax While Shopping At Amazon


Third party sellers on Amazon don’t have to charge the sales tax on the customers. If you click the ‘new’ or ‘used’ tabs on the item page, you can check whether the seller charges tax or not. You may find other sellers of the same product that don’t charge sales tax and make your choice accordingly.

Cheapest Textbooks


You need to research on different Amazon sites for different countries. Sometime textbooks are worth less in some other part of the world and you can simply buy from that site to get the product at a lesser price. You can also use Cheap River to compare prices of books on various Amazon sites. Note, sometimes page numbers and chapter questions can be different, So before adding to cart, compare both.

Cancel and Refund $99 For Amazon Prime Membership You Forgot About.


Amazon Prime membership will charge you $99 if you don’t cancel it before the one month trial period runs out. If you forget to cancel it, you may see an automatic charge of $99 on your credit card, which you can get refunded if you contact the customer care service and place a humble request.

To end your Prime membership trial after month, visit “Prime Central Page” and select “Do not continue.” This will automatically cancel your free Prime trial after one month of free shipping.

Join Amazon Mom and Save 20% on diapers and 15% off of your baby registry At Amazon Mom


With the arrival of the baby the shopping lists are filled with baby special items. Any mom would love to see discounts on baby accessories and Amazon Mom is just that. The program is free for Prime members and there is a 30-day free trial for new subscriptions where you can get FREE two-day shipping and cheap pampers. Amazon Mom offers 20% discount on diaper subscriptions and a 15% discount on baby registry. The program membership is limited to one and after it runs out you get a $49 per year price for Amazon Prime.

Amazon Subscribe & Save To Save Bucks On Your Regular Products


You can make a list of subscriptions on item that you buy regularly from Amazon on ‘Subscribe and Save’. You can choose the time period and quantity and the product will be delivered FREE at regular time interval for your convenience. You can save 15% on your entire subscribe & save order when you receive five or more subscriptions on a delivery day, so it’s good to have all of your orders come in at the same time.

Get Faster Delivery OR replacement If Package Is Stuck


If you observe that the product you ordered is taking longer to get delivered, you just need to contact the customer care service and Amazon will upgrade your delivery or simply issue a replacement order so that your shipment reaches you on time.

Refund for Delayed delivery

Many items on Amazon have a guaranteed delivery time date, which if missed the customer gets a refund on shipment charges. So if your order is delivered late, you just need to contact the customer service center and Amazon will be happy to issue a refund on shipment or a one month extension on your prime membership.

Package Lost Or Stolen?

If you realize that your order is lost or stolen before it was delivered to you, you can contact the customer service and raise an exception. Upon humble request, they may issue a replacement order or a refund for customer goodwill. This is not a program but a token of positive business from Amazon. Amazon keeps a track on shopping history and abusing the favor would be detected immediately. Contact the customer service only with a humble and honest request, if your order was stolen.
Sensible online shopping is all you need to save money on shopping. With help of these Amazon secrets, you get a futuristic shopping experience and benefits, along with money saving options to get the most of its worth.

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