There are many graphic designing tools out there. But they all have common features, templates and libraries. I’ve tried Canva, Crello and few others too but due to the limited templates and absence of advanced features, I was hunting for the new tool for my agency.

And then one day, while browsing, I came across GlorifyApp design tool. I saw their promo video and it’s just impressed me. Want to watch that video? Here you go:

Glorify is the all-new cloud-based Graphic design tool specially designed for the Internet Marketers, E-commerce sellers, Influencers, Social Media Manager, and Growth Hacker. It’s basically designed for everyone who’s not an expert in graphic designing. With just a few clicks anyone can create stunning product images, social media graphics, ebooks, logos and whatnot.

Glorify App Unique Features

Glorify’s unique features makes this tool unique from their competitors, maybe they’ll copy the features that these guys are having but trust me the people behind Glorify are talented & hardworking and they had been working in e-commerce Graphic design at their own agency; managing Product Image designing of 7-figure e-commerce sellers. They are responsive and they keep adding new features, templates very often.

If you see the feature-wise, my favorites are:

  •  One-Click Background Removal.
  • Annotate tool.
  • Smart resizer
  • Cloud storage
  • Design sets
  • 1000+ growing library of templates
  • Effects to give the professional looks to your product images.
  •  2 Million free Creative assets
  • Early adopter mastermind community on FB.
  •  and many more. 
Now, if you use Glorify for your Product Images with all these features, it will definitely improve your conversions and CTR. Check all the Glorify features here.

Glorify App Pricing

Glorify Lifetime deal is ended and now they’re following the subscription model. They’ve got two packages:

1: Glorify Pro Plan – costs $12.99 per month or $120 annually. 

2: Glorify Business Plan – costs $37.99 per month or $335 annually. 

Glorify Business (Pro+Icon 8) Deal – costs $37.99 per month or $335 annually

Do you use icons in designing? And Icon8’s premium icons are the best when you get them for lifetime bundled with this super graphic designing app. Icon8 costs $199 per year. You’ll also get unlimited background removal in this pro+icon8 deal package.

If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur, seller, full time Graphic Designer, Blogger, Youtuber, Influencer, and Marketer then this is the perfect deal to grab. 

At last, I would like to say, If you’re an Internet Marketer, you definitely need a good Graphic Designing Software which will not only save our time + money. If you hire someone to manage your all Graphic Designing it will cost you a lot but here you actually save a lot by grabbing the annual plan. 

I’ve bought the business Icon8 deal and I would say, it’s one of the best investment I’ve made in 2019. The software is so easy to use and powerful that would fall in love with the Graphic Designing.

Go try it today and let me know your experience after using it.



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