Cyber Monday 2019: Here are Best Deals and Sales!

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a representation of all the clearance sales, which happens just on Monday, which takes place after Thanksgiving. It was created by a bunch of retailers so that they could pursue their consumers into shopping for their products online with the advent of the internet. Since the internet has increased its modern technological advancement in today’s world, it becomes a gradual choice for everyone to have the best deals on the market. The term Cyber Monday was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation, and it was made into a quick press release as well. 

When did it all start?

You might not believe it at first, but Cyber Monday did start at the earliest of 2005. Back then, it was natural to order everything over when you went physically to the store. Still, then the retailers thought of doing something valuable for their customers based on different parts of the world. As soon through the eyes of retailing, it is not a compelling choice for every customer to visit the store physically, and that is when the Cyber Monday started. When the commencement was added, online stores began running their big sales to compete with the brick and mortar juggernaut that was happening with the source of Black Friday. So you might think that the name is something off.

Well, why Cyber Monday? So when you are in your office, then the maximum exposure that you get is through the help of your desktop or laptop. So a lot of people who are working can order things online when they are in their work. And this is how the Cyber Monday was termed. New online shopping is entirely based on the customer’s convenience and nothing else precisely.


Cyber Monday best deals 2019

So here are the best Cyber Monday deals you need to know about from various stores:

  1. Amazon: there are around 50% off on all the techs and the gadgets that you will get from this place.
  2. Walmart: Best Cyber Monday deals on clothing, electronics, smartphones & more, save up to 60% off. 
  3. Target: Great deals on various categories like Clothing, Tech, Furniture and more.
  4. GameStop: For Cyber Monday gaming deals, look no further other than GameStop. Great deals on consoles, video games, accessories and more.
  5. Macy’s: Best Cyber Monday Fashion, Clothing and beauty deals.

Top deals Cyber Monday

  1. Airpods charging case with only $134 that you have to give on Amazon. This deal is coming off at a stark 25% discount.
  2. PS4 Games is now $199. Now it comes with all the single mastered games like God of War, Last of Us, and a bundle of others.
  3. Sony PS4 Pro Call of Duty is now $299. You are getting this product at a stark 50% off and also a free game.
  4. Xbox One with Star Wars Bundle, which is coming off at $349.
  5. Apple Watch S3, which is now available on Amazon at just $169.
  6. Lego Star War Sales from Walmart at just $9.
  7. Apple 10.2 and IPad with around $299 off on all the products.
  8. Dell XPS 13 is now $949.
  9. Nikon sales and up to 40% off on all the Nikon products that you can get from Amazon and others.
  10. Samsung QLED TV Sale at $800 off from Walmart.

Last year’s sales graph for Cyber Monday

So last year, in 2018, the Cyber Monday sales statistics were compared, and it was not the one the retailers expected. Here are some of the stats which went off on last year’s sale. 

  1. The free orders which came in just 53% of the total orders which were made. The GMV or the primary revenue for the last years’ sale was dropped to around 43% for the Cyber Monday week.
  2. All the web stores continued to have all the highest of AOV from sales channels, followed by Facebook. The AOV of Facebook was lower than all the other branded websites on the internet, like Amazon and eBay.
  3. There was the highest rise in fashion and the jewelry which saw the most senior of GMV in the market. For all the foods and beverages, it was the rise that the people or the retailers never expected to see.

When does it all start?

Well, Cyber Monday starts from December 2nd, so buckle up for a good ride this year since you are going to get a ton of discounts and offers on branded items as mentioned. Cyber Monday, when combined with Black Friday, gives the Americans a massive list of options to shop from their favorite brand names and stores. And these retailers are mixing up new deals this year to make sure that their revenue goes higher than expected from the last year’s sale.

Brands to look out for this Cyber Monday?

macy's cyber monday

Amazon has already unleashed the tentative deals on Cyber Monday, and there are sneak peek on the discounts on various products for the customers. You can readily wait for some time since there are going to be massive dropouts on all the iPhones, Amazon echo products, etc. And this Cyber Monday, it is a bit of enormous luck for the gamers since the gaming speakers, headsets, and desktops along with the PS4s are going to come off at sturdy discounts. 

Walmart also revealed some great deals on Cyber Monday across various categories. If you’re looking for gaming deals, keep an eye on GameStop Cyber Monday deals.

How to find the best Cyber Monday Deals?

The internet would be full of Cyber Monday deals but identifying if that’s an actual deal or not is a big problem. Second, some deals are available only for limited time so as a normal shopper you can’t easily find it and by the time you find it would be out of stock or not available.

We team fix these two issues for you. We hunt the best available deals for you, so you don’t have to and you can shop like a pro. So, stay tuned to this website and also our sister website. You can also keep an eye on this subreddit. If you’re on Facebook, join our community of Pro shoppers.

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