Top 10 Best USB C Hubs for your Macbook

If you are in search of the best USB C-hubs for your Macbook, let us assure you have come to the right place. Over the years people have wondered what would suit their laptop right and often been tricked into buying expensive products that don’t last long. However, you don’t have to be one of them. We have enlisted some really effective and smart products that will get your Macbook going! Keep reading to find out this article from our Buyer’s Guide series.



If you’re really searching for the best and most capable USB C-hub for your Macbook, you should definitely rely on the USB C to HDMI which is perfect for all almost apple laptops. It has special facilities, makes usage simple and easy and has immense supply power at the same time. The adaptor is actually pretty cool and has been used by several. You can get hold of it on Amazon with some great deals and prices as well.  As of now the current price of this product is quite affordable.

Price: 29.99$ | Buy this USB C to HDMI here.


Source – TidBITS

Apples’ Multiport Adaptor

Also if you are in search of something chic and trendy, you can try the multiport adapter by Apple which is quite affordable. The USB-C hub from Apple has amazing output. One of them is an HDMI output whereas the other ones are USB 3.0 and USB-C output. The Multiport Adapter is not bad but you can surely add that to your list if you are searching for the best. The name adaptor is great but it is not a hub at all. It might not be as powerful as the rest but surely is helpful.

Price: 69 $


Source – AllinMobile

Simple USB C to USB 3.0 Adaptor

If you haven’t used a power user and would simply want something to plug in by using an old USB device once in a bit, these simple USB-C to USB adaptors can be used every once in a while. Even when it comes to the power users, having one such laptop sleeve or the desk drawer which might even make you save in just a pinch. All they want to do is convert the USB –C ports for the ports. They are not expensive but definitely helpful.

Price: 9.99 $


Source – USB Brando

Anker Ultra Slim

Anker Ultra Slim can help the computers USB ports into four. It is easy to use, extremely affordable and has close to 5gbps data which allows you to transfer HD movies within a matter of seconds. It is also ultra portable and close to an ounce in weight. It is small, very easy to grab and use and can be used in a sturdy exterior. Apart from that, the product is heat resistant which ensures ultimate durability as well. It has a sturdy exterior which makes sure you get great durability.

Price: 9.99$

ankerSource – bookmarkality

Type C USB Hub

If you are looking for something expensive that will last you for a long period of time, try to get hold of the Type C USB Hub. This one has excellent power delivery for Chromebook Pixel, Macbook and is capable of transferring all kinds of data including charging devices. It weighs only 23.1 grams, can be easily slid into your pocket and prevents from scratching your MacBook as well. If you want the best, pick this.

Price: 49$


Source – 9to5Mac

Satechi Type C

Satechi Type C is beyond ideal for those who want something that is simple, compact and easy to use. The design that comes with this one also makes Type C usable. You can plug and play this wherever you like and doesn’t expect you to have any drivers or software or any other complicated process of installation. It has an aluminum design at the same time that compliments all Apple accessories.

Price: 44.99$


Inatek Unibody

Inatek Unibody is definitely USB C compatible. It works with all products including Apple and has excellent facilities as well. It has a plug and play option and supports hot Swap, expands your Type C USB which is supported with other devices and four additional ports. It is performance driven, has an additional power adapter and a driver is needed. The product is ultra compact and has been designed to make things easy to use and portable.

Price: 15.99$


Source – MacSparky

Aukey USB

Aukey USB is a solid aluminum body which comes with a rounded cylinder. It has a great compact design which makes it perfect for you as well as your MacBook 12 inch along with Google Chromebook Pixel. It is very easy for carrying, has great protection and builds and can be used to connect to all devices including your hub and power surges. It has some great package contents at the same time with an aluminum hub and doesn’t need any driver at all.

Price: 17.99$

Source  – Android Central

HooToo USB C

The HooToo USB C comes with instant expansion and an SD memory card. It has a nice power delivery at the same time. If you are charging your laptop or transferring data, this is the one you need to use. It also has a 4K Video Adapter and has mirrors you can use to extend your screen. The USB 3.0 ports also allow you to connect to the keyboard, access files, thumb drive to your lappy etc. The design of the product is also good quite and lets you connect to all wireless devices.

Price: 64.99$



Source – selloscope

Belkin USB

[easyazon_image align=”center” cloak=”y” height=”500″ identifier=”B017H9CF1S” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”esyz-20″ width=”500″]

The Belkin USB comes with 2x USB-A Ports and 2x USB C ports. It comes with a 5 Gbps data transfer, has a slim design and at the same time an easy access which can be powered through the host device. The peripherals can be changed at 900mAh.

Price: 37.96$


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